4 Natural Ways to Induce Labor

Published: 02nd March 2007
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4 Natural Ways to Induce Labor

So you want to get that wiggly bowling ball of a baby out already!! Its been 9 months of puking, peeing, bloating and not sleeping and it is time to put an end to the madness. The bassinet is ready, your bags are packed and the nursary has a fresh coat of paint. Well aside from booking a planned c-section there are no guarantees as too when your little munchkin will make an appearance, however there are a few things you could try to give nature a nudge. These are the 4 methods I explored with my last two pregnancies to get the ball rolling.

1) Essential Oil-Clary Sage- This was a personal favorite of mine that I used to go into labor with both of my little monkeys. I am convinced without the assistance of Clary Sage that I would have gone overdue with both pregnancies, however both occurred right at my due date! I simply rubbed the oil on my wrists and ankles and added a few drops to my bath water. It also comes in handy during labor where the scent helped to provide calm and comfort, and actually assist in the effective dialation of the uterus. They do warn however, not to use until you are far enough along in your pregnancy to go into labor.

2) Stripping or Sweeping Membranes- This was not a favorite of mine which I did do twice in the doctors office with my last pregnancy (at 38 & 39 weeks). Basically the doctor inserts his finger into the vagina and attempts to separate your bag of water from the lower part of the uterus. This is suppose to cause a release of hormones called prostaglandins which should help to get contractions going and may help to further ripen the cervix. I have one word for this procedure...OUCH!! It hurt so very bad, but more so the first time. I did experience some spotting and cramping after having this procedure done, which I was told by my doctor is completely normal. Although it was a painful procedure and it didn't work to put me right into labour as I was hoping, if given the choice, I would do it again.

3) Sex- I know what your thinking. Isn't this what got me in this mess to begin with? Well sometimes how it starts is how it ends. So although you may feel as big as a house and it feels that you got kicked hard in the crotch it may be worth it to hop on board so to speak. Apparently semen contains prostaglandins that can stimulate contractions.

4)Nipple Stimulation -Well I must say that this one is much easier than the sex option and with enough massaging I remember even feeling light contractions of the uterus. The science behind nipple stimulation is that it helps your body release oxytocin (natural form of pitocin), which causes contractions and can even help to bring on labor. Some doctors do advise against this method because it can lead to long, hard contractions which can stress the baby and the fetal heart rate.

Ultimately, it is that little tike that will decide when he or she is ready to come out, however it never hurts to try to give nature a nudge. It is however, incredibly important that you speak with your doctor or health care provider before attempting any approach to induce labour (natural or otherwise).

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Emma Morris on September 14, 2011 said:
Its important to be aware that if your baby hasn't come out yet then it is probably not ready to do so. Try to let your baby come out by itself and when it is ready. If you are over due however, these tips may come in handy. Some may work for some people, an others may work for other people, no one is the same.

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